There are times in one's life that photography marks a transition
 from one era to another.  Leaving high school for the world and a future beyond is one of those times!

I often  photograph really young children, right down to babies only a few days old, but you might not know I am just as happy to photograph high school seniors! 
 I loved my college experience at Towson University and University of Virginia and it is exciting to me to find out where my H.S. Seniors are heading!  I have photographed many of my seniors since they were babies and it has been truly an honor and a pleasure, as well as, a professional accomplishment to work with a young person that long!
Many high schools today permit outside photographers to submit portraits for the yearbook, often including additional casual portraits for pages in the yearbook reserved for the seniors.  

Here's a time line for high school seniors to consider! 

Formal Yearbook Portrait:
 Have your formal portrait taken in school generally in the spring of your junior year, with make ups often in the fall of senior year.  If you like the result, great!  If not, or if you want more personalized attention during this important session, consider scheduling your high school session during the summer and we will include the formal drape shot (black and midnight blue drapes are supplied).  Please be aware that the guys have to supply their own tux or suit.   
Your Portrait Session 
Most area schools need all photography for the yearbook in by Thanksgiving break, so you have time through out the summer and early fall for your portrait session!
Where?  At your home or any location in the area!  We have beautiful natural resources and cool urban settings which could make your portrait session a reflection of what you like to do and where you like to be!

Clothing?  You can choose to wear several outfits during your session.  We will discuss this during our initial consultation.

Props?  Yes!  Cars, sports gear, your guitar, etc.  We will discuss this at your initial consultation as well.

Style of Photography?  I use my artistry to reflect your personality; who the real "you" might be.  That is my goal and I work to get to know you during our time together.  I photograph in color, but often create images in black and white or use other photo art techniques in final production.

How do we get started?

In a pre-session consultation we will talk about locations, time of day, clothing and style of photography.  No question goes unanswered as you plan for your portrait session! 

On the day of our photo shoot, we will have fun!  Although the word, "Smile" is not banned during our session, natural expressions occur when you are actually relaxed and having a good time.  We will spend 1-2 hours working together until we lose the light or know that our goals have been accomplished.  I charge a $100 session fee payable on the day of our shoot.

A week after our session, I will send a link to a password protected online Portrait Gallery.  You will select your favorites from your online gallery.  Share the link with family for input or for ordering.  After you place your order, your portraits are fully retouched, custom printed and delivered to your home.

If this is your first time working with Images of Sommer or a professional photographer, I would recommend meeting in person to look over your portraits.  I could give you my professional suggestions for retouching, sizes and how you might use your portraiture to enhance your enjoyment and home decor.

High School Senior Portraits