Images tell your story because no matter what you do, what you make or what you are the company to your client!

‚ÄčA professional portrait artist spends their career studying lighting, posing, corrective facial photography, style and design.  All our expertise works for you to create images that best displays your personal brand in a pleasing manner.  Our head shots are fully retouched to whiten teeth, brighten eyes and smooth skin for a natural looking portrait you will be happy to use in all your marketing media.  Your portraits are delivered in high resolution digital format for use electronically or in print.  All rights to reproduction are released to you.  Cost per head shot is $150.

Contact me at or use our Contact Us form to schedule your head shot.

What if I don't want to use a traditional backdrop? 

We will tailor your photo session to reflect your aesthetic.  We use a variety of backdrops, both traditional and digital, or we can photograph you outdoors or in your office.  We will work with you to select the perfect background.

Can you photograph everyone in my office using a traditional backdrop set up?

We can set up a "Head Shot" day at your office.  Your cost per head shot will be based on the number of associates to be photographed.

Do I own my digital files and can I use them online and in print?

We own the original copyright of the images we create, however, we will transfer all rights to reproduction in perpetuity to you for unlimited use in print or online.

I want a larger set of photos to feed my blogs, social media and marketing campaigns, can you create those images?

Yes!  We call these corporate commercial sessions, "Original Content" photo shoots.  You can see some examples in our Original Content services section.  Your photo shoot could include head shots, environmental portraits, group portraits, product photography, photography of your interiors and exteriors, etc.  We consult with you to meet all your needs.

Are my photos delivered in high resolution format?

Yes, your digital files will be delivered in high resolution format, perfect for print or the web, however, should you need images for a bill board or larger, please let us know and we will adjust our delivery size.

What about retouching and changes of clothing?

Your final images are always retouched to smooth skin, brighten eyes and whiten teeth.  You  may change clothing for different looks, such as, coat and tie and polo shirt.  Women can try different looks such as, a dress, then change into blazer and blouse, etc.

Corporate Head Shots